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Dr. Sherrita Rogers

Dr. Sherrita Rogers the Founder/CEO of Rogers Educational Services LLC. Dr. Rogers is an experienced psychologist, coach, mentor, and educational leader .


Dr. Rogers has worked in K-12 environments,  colleges, and religious institutions as a school psychologist, counselor, administrator, and leader. She has assisted countless women, students, and families set lifestyle  and educational goals, develop a plan, and meet those goals for optimal success. Dr. Rogers' specialties are women's wellness counseling, and psycho-educational testing, particularly for ADHD and Learning Disabilities.

Dr. Rogers resides in Greenville, N.C. with her husband and three children.   When not working , she enjoys spending time with family and friends, serving her church community, and spending time near any body of water. Please explore the website to determine how RES, LLC can help you live a fulfilled life.  Dr. Rogers can be reached directly at

Frequently Asked Questions 


Why should I contact Rogers Education Services, LLC?


Rogers Educational Services provides free over the phone consultations and will help individuals and families determine their best course of action in meeting your goals and needs.  

What is the difference between coaching and counseling? 

Coaches help clients set  and achieve goals for the future, while counseling tends to focus on the past and underlying conditions and concerns that may impact daily life. 

I am an adult and suspect that I was "misdiagnosed" or not diagnosed as a child, can Rogers Educational Services help?

Our office works with persons of all ages and can accurately diagnosis Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) and Learning Disabilities in adults. 


How much does RES, LLC services costs?


Please contact our office for rates based on your specific needs. 

Doesn't my child's school offer free testing? 


Public schools offer testing when a disability that requires special education services is suspected. In many cases, families may have questions about their child's learning strengths and weaknesses or suspect a disability when the school system does not. Rogers Educational Services can provide answers to these questions. 

How long does the testing session last?

Each client is scheduled for an initial  intake to discuss to the needs and the testing battery is determine at that time. Session length will vary from client to client and depends on personal characteristics and selected battery. 

How long does it take to get an appointment with Rogers Educational Services?

Currently, there is not a waitlist and most clients can be scheduled within two weeks. Limited evening and weekend intake appointments are available. 

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