Coaching and Counseling  Services

ADHD Coaching

ADHDCoaches support clients by providing encouragement, feedback and practical suggestions to address specific challenges as well by supporting them and holding them accountable for following through on their goals.

ADHD coaching helps clients:

  • Learn practical skills and initiate daily life changes 

  • maintain focus to achieve identified goals

  • translate goals into concrete actions

  • build motivation and learn  to use rewards effectively

Women's Wellness Services

 Women's wellness services can support clients by providing practical steps to meet personal goals. 

Women's wellness services helps clients: 

  • balancing work/family life

  • focusing on healthy lifestyle choices

  • advancing career goals

Spiritual Coaching or Counseling

Spiritual coaching or counseling is available, upon request,  to those with a Christian background who would like to approach their treatment through a spiritual lens. 

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